There are few things that feel as good as laying down for a good night’s sleep after a long day. Not everyone can, of course, simply lie down and drift off to sleep automatically, always needing a moment of decompression and relaxation. At this time, many people will find something else to do while they unwind before going to sleep, whether they watch television, read a book, or surf their smartphone.

It was bound to happen before too long, but it should be made clear that Zinus does not have any specialization directly or even more generally for accessory furniture in any way, shape or form. In reality, Zinus is a manufacturer of high-end mattresses in sustainability and comfort close to the top of their niche. That said, the Zinus accessory furniture is at least properly centered around the bed, but unlike some of the other items we’ve seen, it’s obvious that the nightstand for the Zinus Modern Studio Collection was designed much more for use than anything else.

You should forgive Zinus for making a nightstand that is fairly plain and superficially unimpressive, considering that the business is specialized in high-end mattresses. You shouldn’t underestimate the Zinus Modern Studio Set, however, as it provides some of the best tools we’ve seen.Specifically, up to 100 pounds of maximum weight can be handled by this series of items, which is usually more than adequate to be used as a bedroom TV stand if necessary. The use of thick steel tubing for the frame with a solid wood tabletop and shelving storage unit, however, makes the Zinus Modern Studio Set, if nothing else, an exceptionally useful nightstand. Please visit to find more about this table.